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Adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Soothing Lavander via @hipapotheca Hot Oil Hair Treatment!

Adara oils have many benefits and uses for hair and skin. This week I’m treating my hair to a good old fashion hot oil treatment with the Soothing Lavander blend! Not only does this treatment deeply nourish all hair types, it makes your hair smell ah-mazing & shiny like a mirror! The coconut oil helps reduce protien loss in the hair conditioning deeply without adding weight! Here’s how it works:

Start by warming the oil in a cup of hot (not boiling!) water for aproximately 5-10 minutes. This will help the oil become less viscous and also help it penetrate deeper into the hair shaft.

Remove the bottle from water and squirt out about a tablespoon of oil into your hands. Begin to work the oil through the hair; start at the tips and work it towards the scalp. Apply more oil as needed to get a good saturation.

Secure your locks and pop a shower cap on for 30 minutes while the magic oils soak into your hair & scalp! Relax, read a book, tweet!

After 30 min shampoo out. You might find it unnessecary to use conditioner afterwards as I do!

Why I Love: This really helps boost the shine and sleekness of my hair plus the different smells in the oil make me smile when I catch a whiff of my hair ^_^ The oil adds flyaway control and makes the hair so incredibly healthy!

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