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Koston! Mariano! Wilson!

No Pochacco?!

Girls skateboards by Sanrio?! Ahhh! HK ❤

Bam! Like my new robot ring? ^_^ grabbed it in Boston! A steal at $3.99!

strawberry kawaii hair curlers tutorial! <3 

6 anti microbial foam sponge curlers. Come in different shapes and colors. I have the strawberry ones. They are from Before I tried these I read the reviews. Many people commented that the curlers dried out their hair or made their ends frizzy. It was suggested to use a leave in conditioner or other product to give soft smooth curls. These are great! I deep conditioned and curled with mildly damp hair (about 80-90% dry)
Things I liked about the curlers,easy to secure just twistCute! Much more attractive that old fashion rollersNon heat makes it great for travel, Safe for hairSoft texture made it easier to sleep in that hard rollers. Although you still feel little lumps under your head at least they are soft
When you remove, roll in opposite direction, do not fight with the hair it will get stuck. The foam compresses, the hair winds tighter around the roller = bad times.I would suggest placing the roller on the top and roll the hair up so the ends are not rolled as tightly.

que tal? my mind says yum & wtf at the same time.

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